Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Copyright Common Sense

There has been a lot talk about new music rules for cheerleading.  There are no bright lines in copyright but our point of view is clear*.

You can mix music you own
When you buy something (be it physical or digital) you can do what you want with it at home. The courts have always supported this. Millions of people mix their music and thousands of companies sell tools to remix music. No one has ever been sued for mixing their own tracks. It's common sense. You can read this excellent article by Jessica Litman about your personal use rights.

Legitmix mixes music you own
Legitmix doesn't sell music.  We sell instructions (the Legitmix file) you can use with the Legitmix software to recreate a mix on your computer with your own copy of the original songs.  You have the right to mix songs you lawfully own and Legitmix simply enables this right. You can learn more about the Legitmix technology here.

You can mix music in a public space covered by a PRO license
DJs perform mixes to hundreds of millions of people a year. The clubs, bars and stadiums were they perform pay a performance licence (ASCAP, BMI, etc...) for the music used in the venue. No DJ has ever been sued for performing a mix.

Sound alike covers are bad music and don't pay artists
Sound alike covers are a poor imitation of the real thing. Their only purpose is to avoid paying the original recording artists. Covers are bad for the cheer brand. Imagine going to an NFL game and hearing covers. Worse, the artists who are copied in a sound alike covers are not paid. Cheerleading is an art and the industry should respect artists.

You can't distribute a mix made using covers
Cover songs are made under a statutory license that allows an artist to sell their recording of a composition. It doesn't give them or people who buy the cover the right to sell mixes of that cover. So while you can mix covers for your personal use, you can't distribute the mix without permission from the composers.

Legitmix is the only solution that pays all artists
We built Legitmix to be an equitable solution for monetizing remix. In the last 12 months, cheerleaders have purchased over $160,000 worth of iTunes tracks to recreate mixes. That money is distributed to artists and composers by Apple (via labels and publishers). Legitmix is on track to be paying millions to rights holders in a couple years.

Learn more about the Legitmix technology and business model:




*This information is meant to provide further insight on our point of view. However, this information should not be construed as legal advice. If you have specific questions or concerns related to copyright laws, we encourage you to speak with an attorney.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Interview: DJ GSP

DJ GSP is a London-based, international DJ and Producer. His large following stemmed from Greece, and has now expanded well into Europe and North America. DJ GSP earned his breakthrough when he played at the Main DJ at the Opening Party of WE Pride in Madrid.

Famous for his Tech style DJing, and Progressive House with a touch of Tribal and Spanish vocals, DJ GSP is now considered one of the best European Circuit DJs. With major cities like London, Paris, Vienna, Barcelona, Madrid, Athens, Dubai and more under his belt, DJ GSP is always looking forward to more shows and more great music.

As one of Legitmix's top Producers, we got in touch with him to learn about his music, and future plans for 2016. 

How did you get into DJing?

I started DJing when I was 9 years old. I always wanted to make sure everyone was having a good time, dancing, and smiling. My underlying goal in life is to make sure people are having a good time.

I went to school and studied and tried different jobs and different professions, but eventually I decided to quit everything and be a full time DJ. It’s what makes me happy.

Do you tour as a DJ?  If so, what was your favorite gig?

I am constantly on tour all over the world, so far my favourite place to gig is Bahia in Brazil, it’s always a good time.

"I always play my reconstruction of the classic Love is in the Air: because it always goes over well with my fans and I believe in what it says as a song."

How much time do you spend finding music for your sets?  Where do you go for new music?

I spend a fair bit of time looking for music for my sets. When I am buying, I get music from Legitmix and Beatport, but I usually prefer making my own music for my remixes.

Is there a remix you always play?  If so, why?

Yes, I always play my reconstruction of the classic Love is in the Air, because it always goes over well with my fans and I believe in what it says as a song.

Why do you use Legitmix?

I use Legitmix because it is the only way for talented producers and DJs to remix a track from a famous artist, share them legally, and get paid. Popular artists on major labels only higher a handful of producers to make official remixes, and it is hard for smaller players to get their hands on a famous songs legally.

What are you looking forward to in 2016?

I’m looking for more great music and more smiles at my shows!

Check out DJ GSP's remixes on Legitmix

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Interview: Edson Pride

Edson Pride is now considered one of the best Brazilian DJ’s and producers in the world.

Requested by major producers such as Tony Moran, DJ MDW, Wayne Numan and Midnight Society; His remixes are packed with a high energy and heavy beat to keep listeners coming back for more.

Edson Pride is one of Legitmix’s top DJ producers, so we got in touch with him to learn more about this international sensation, and his plans for 2016.

How long have you been DJing?
I started producing music back in 2004, but I’ve been DJing for a while now, over 15 years.

Do you tour as a DJ? If so, what was your favourite gig?
Yes, I tour all the time! I am always on the road. My favourite gig so far was Rapido Party in Amsterdam.

How much time do you spend finding music for your sets?  
I spend a fair bit of time looking for new music for my sets. I usually get new tracks from iTunes, Legitmix and Beatport.

"I always play something new, and rarely play old songs."

Is there a remix you always play?  If so, why?
No, I’m always looking to play new tracks and more gigs. I always play something new, and rarely play old songs.

Why do you use Legitmix?
I use Legitmix because it is very easy to sell my work. I can easily tell people where to get my music and have all the original artist paid as well. It’s great!

What are you looking forward to in 2016?
I am always looking forward to playing more gigs and touring!

Check out Edson Pride's remixes here on Legitmix.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Roses, a box of Chocolates, and Indoor Cycling

Forget a stroll around the neighbourhood on your cruiser bike. Indoor cycling takes your old wheels and turns it into an upbeat, loud, and serious full body workout.
If you aren’t familiar with indoor cycling, imagine this: you’re at a night club, with disco balls, strobe lights and music pumping. Only instead of dancing, you’re whirring away on the latest Schwinn indoor bicycle. Forty-five minutes later you have a full body workout under your belt and you feel great!
Legitmix is all about the music, and we are working with some of the most experienced indoor cycling producers to allow indoor cycling instructors and enthusiasts access to tailored indoor cycling sessions with detailed indexing.
For all you lovebirds out there, check out Christianne Phillips’ brand new Valentines day mix. Christianne is a talented producer, fitness instructor, journalist and former dancer, offering seamless indexed mixes designed for an all-encompassing physical and mental experience.