Wednesday, August 19, 2015

How to get to the top?

Several people have asked how we rank mixes by popularity. A good question. Here are the variables that go into the calculation:

  1. The number of times your mix page is loaded. So the more traffic you drive to your mix, the better it will rank. 
  2. The number of people who clicked to like your mix.
  3. The revenue generated by your mix.
  4. Whether your mix has artwork.  Not including artwork for your mix will reduce its popularity.

We apply different weights to these values. For example, a mix’s revenue increases its popularity more than the number of likes or mix page views.  The weighted values are then added to come up with the mixes popularity score.

To keep the top mixes fresh, we reduce a mix’s popularity score exponentially as the mix ages.  So mixes will have a harder time ranking high as they age.

We’ll continue to tweak the algorithm to improve balance between relevant and new mixes.

If you’ve got a question or suggestion about ranking, let us know.